About the quest

This quest was created in a mere three hours, save bugfixes, for a smaller community's contest in 2009 shortly after the release of A Link to the Shadows. This same contest spawned the excellent I Hate Mayonnaise quest and inspired Ibuprofen as well, although Caballo was the only quest to really be completed within the timeframe of the contest. As a result of its nature, it is a very short and linear quest... but some secrets still exist and thinking is still required.

This quest, unlike A Link to the Shadows, was a 1.92 quest from its inception to its completion. It doesn't use features to quite the same extent, either (for example, Caballo uses purely MIDI music... sorry, Linux users), nor does it share the same level of complexity. It's merely a quick, short romp.

The quest was completed on August 23rd, 2009. It was originally intended to be a CZC/ZCRealm-exclusive, but due to the death of the site I have opted to officially release it elsewhere, as well. It's a very small quest, as mentioned, so don't expect anything mindblowing.