Keep in mind - Caballo was the product of 3 hours of work, and is highly experimental!

This quest was created in 1.92 beta 184, and thus I advise using it if possible. Playing it in any other version may cause severe bugs, so I would advise any Windows users to stick to 1.92b184. (Yes, it DOES work on Vista and up - you merely need to run it windowed.)

However, I am aware that Linux users only have 2.5 as a choice, and some people claim 2.5 is the only version that plays nice with their computers -- therefore, I have no problem supporting this version. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs. The quest will remain a 1.92 beta 184 quest, though I would like to keep it compatible with later versions of Zelda Classic. Mac OS is unsupported, sorry!

This quest, unlike A Link to the Shadows and A Link to the Shadows 2, lacks a tracker package. (Again, Linux users, I'm sorry! I'll add one in the future.)


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