This quest was created in 1.92 beta 184, and thus I advise using it if possible. Playing it in any other version may cause severe bugs (I'm at least aware of one in Level 8 in old versions of the quest), so I would advise any Windows users to stick to 1.92b184 if possible. (Yes, it DOES work on Vista and up - you merely need to run it windowed.)

However, I am aware that Linux users only have 2.5 as a choice, and some people claim 2.5 is the only version that plays nice with their computers -- therefore, I have no problem supporting this version. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs. The quest will remain a 1.92 beta 184 quest, though I would like to keep it compatible with later versions of Zelda Classic. Mac OS is unsupported, sorry!

I highly suggest you grab the complete package (quest plus enhanced music) included on this page. It isn't mandatory to enjoy the quest, though if you're willing to spare the bandwidth, it will greatly enhance your experience with the quest. However, you will need WinRAR to extract the files! (Linux users, use unrar.)

If you prefer a smaller download or just prefer MIDIs, the old download is still here, and up-to-date. The tracker download's still here too, in case you just want those.


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