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This means that it is bound to change, and possibly quite drastically. I'm currently playing with a few ideas on how I'd like to execute the wallpaper pages. (This text also won't be here forever.)


Shot taken May 27, 2012, on Galaxy Player 5.0 - Wallpapered July 4, 2012


Hey, I fell off the face of the earth again. Who's surprised? Graduation, depresson, a ton to worry about. It gets hard to get the motivation up to make these, sometimes. Still waffling on my setup, too.

Wanted to make another 16-color wallpaper here, but... the sky lost all detail, and it just looked gross. 4-color walls aren't bad either, though, at least! Had trouble picking out a palette for this one, though - perhaps I need to find a new palette to work with, or start rolling my own again.

This photo was taken at Wedgwood Country Club in New Jersey. I was there for a birthday party (specifically, my grandmother's friend's 90th) and I took this shot as we were headed back to the car after the party. It got me thinking "damn, I won't have any more views from the college" making this one... but I still find some interesting shots from time to time.

I've added a new resolution to the mix - 2880x1800 - and removed 720x480. It seems as if 720x480 is exceedingly rare and most 480(p/i) displays are just using 640x480. As much as I dislike the new Retina MacBook Pros, I figure it's worthwhile to support them. (If you're asking why, the 2880x1800 screen HAS to be hard on the GPU and provide problems running graphically-intensive things, and the lack of removable RAM is an INSTANT turn-off for me. The former's tolerable in my case, though...) As always, all resolutions are available in this folder!

(Watch the Apple fans come after me for knocking the new MBP. Shrug.)

The above text is the original text written on July 4, 2012.

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(Currently, this is not the full set of resolutions. Also, to use a table for these sorted by aspect ratio, or just a list...?)